Want your business to stand tall? We've got the recipe for growth...

All in one perfect package.

We offer a holistic package as a monthly retainer where you can opt-in, opt-out at anytime.

An ROI-focused,

cut-through strategy offered on a monthly basis.

A break down of what it looks like, logistically:

Monthly Social Media Schedule

Our team will curate a strategic schedule for the month ahead. This includes compelling copywriting, and digital content all carefully collated into one document.  

Monthly Photography

Our team will capture content for the upcoming schedule and edit it in line with your branding. All photography is taken to cater for algorithm specifications, market trends, and what your audience responds best to. See our work here.

Monthly Videography

Our team will create a strategic video that not only tells a compelling narrative, but captures the attention of your target audience in three seconds. The amount of videos per month depends on your business' needs. See our work here.

Monthly Graphic Design

Our team will design graphics for your social media channels that align with your branding, cater for algorithm specifications, and meet your target audience's needs.

Targeted Ad Campaigns

Our team will develop, set up, optimise, and execute targeted ad campaigns on a monthly basis.

Monthly Reporting

Our team will gather data from the month prior and collate it into a report that presents an in-depth analysis of your target audience, channels, and content. 

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